Jumbo Operator (Bateman)
Thunder Bay Ontario Jun 28, 2022
TPD is recruiting for a Jumbo Operators to join a project development mine project in Red Lake.

The primary role of the Jumbo Operator is to set up and operate a Sandvik DD321 jumbo to dill and blast in a safe manner.

Site Details
Location: Red Lake, Ontario
Rotation: 2 weeks on / 2 weeks off
Shift Schedule: Surface decline crew - 12 hours / Underground incline crew - 10.5
​​​​​Accommodations: Camp Environment


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Visually inspect, sound, scale and wash down work area, check for bootlegs and miss holes, flag lifters and mark bootlegs with paint.
  • Assess ground conditions at the face and verify ground control measures in place according to mine ground support design.
  • Set up digital theodolite and measure angles according to mine layouts.
  • Determine face location by transferring physical measurements onto mine prints.
  • Mark face according to face dimensions, drilling pattern and orientation of drill holes.
  • Align drill on line and on grade and drill to the engineered dimensions.
  • Install barricades to restrict access to work area(s) and to prevent access to rotating equipment.
  • Lock out drill and perform minor repairs, such as: changing striker bars, couplings, water tubes and hose clamps
  • Complete daily reports on equipment and workplace and submit written and verbal reports to supervisor
  • Load and prime development round with bulk anfo and electronic detonators according to engineering design
  • Place barricades/guards at all entrances to the blast, initiate blast according to project standards
  • Maintain working area and equipment in a clean and orderly condition.
  • The duties and responsibilities listed above are representative of the nature and level of work assigned and are not necessarily all inclusive


Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • 5 years or more experience with operating Jumbo Drill in UG mining environment
  • Hard Rock Underground Common Core – Full Basic (or other provincial equivalent)
    • Required Specialty Modules: U0089, U0092
  • Demonstrated ability to read mine plans and specifications for underground mining.
  • Ability to multi task and work effectively
  • Ability to work efficiently as part of a team as well as independently
  • Must have the ability to adapt to change
  • Good communication skills

Pre-employment requirement:

  • Drug test
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination